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1How often does the Girly Book Club meet?
We meet once a month, usually the last week of the month but that can change depending on the month and public holidays.
2How many books do we read?
We read one book a month, although we sometimes host extra events with authors and that may require a secondary book.
3What do I need to do before book club?
It’s pretty straightforward – you just need to grab a copy of the book, it’s always available in paperback from your local book shop or library and read it before our meeting. You can download the monthly discussion questions beforehand if you want to be super prepared with some answers.
4What happens if I didn’t finish or read the book? Can I still attend?
Yes of course, we understand life gets in the way and you might not finish or even attempt the book of the month. But we would still encourage you to attend. Spoiler alert – you might find out the end of the book!
5How many people attend?
This depends on the city, we have anywhere from 5 to 70 women attend our meetings each month. It’s also a very seasonal business, September and January are our biggest meetings.
6What is a Newbie Induction?
Starting anything new can be scary, we appreciate that walking into a room full of strangers can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve rolled out Newbie Inductions across most of our chapters. Every few months your local chapter will host will arrive 30 minutes before the normally scheduled meeting to welcome all the new members so you can meet one another as well as your host and all of a sudden a room full of strangers isn’t so strange.
7Why is there a charge?

The Girly Book Club began life as a tiny start-up company in London, England in 2008. Since then, step by step, we’ve worked incredibly hard to build up from our humble beginnings into a serious for-[small!]-profit company, which runs book clubs and connects women all over the world.

We want to continue sharing our success with many more women in many more cities. But like with any expanding and aspiring global enterprise, development and growth only come with investment. It is for this reason that we charge a small fee for attendance at our book clubs. While many book clubs don’t charge to attend, The Girly Book Club isn’t an ordinary book club – it offers our members so much more including a well-researched book list, fully planned events, great partnership perks from likeminded brands, global social networking and discussion questions; author events and social outings inclusion fabulous free movie premieres. And as our thousands of members from around the world have happily told us, it’s a small price to pay for the fantastic benefits in return.

Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable.

8How much will this cost me?
We have purposely kept our ticket prices low, as you’ll also have to purchase a copy of the book (although most of our books are available at the library) and a drink/food at the venue to support the use of their space.
1There is no chapter near me, what do I do?
Get in touch – we might be able to start a new chapter near you! Otherwise, you’re welcome to join our social channels where you can discuss the book with our global network and even join us for our Virtual GBC meeting each month.
2Do we only read English books?
Currently, yes. We’d love to read books in many languages but at this time we only support English speaking clubs.
3Only Women?

The Girly Book Club is as it sounds for women only. Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to join us regardless of age. There are many book clubs that welcome both male and female participants but the Girly Book Club is striving to foster all female friendships in a safe and welcoming environment, as a result we respectfully ask that only women attend our meetings and participate in our discussions. We do however, read books by men and invite on occasion male authors to attend our events.

All our prior reading lists are available online for anyone to access and read.

4How do we choose our books?

We read a lot. We work with the big and small publishers to identify the best new books out there and then we hold a global VOTE to decide which book will become this month’s GBC title. Curating our book list is what we spend the most time on and we take this role very seriously.

To be considered as a GBC read the book must be available in paperback globally and be reasonably priced.

For publishers and authors looking to get in touch – please email us with any book suggestions you might have – we are always open to new authors and titles but please bear in mind the above criteria.

5Do we hold other events other than Book Club meeting?
Yes, some of our chapters hold many other events, including dinners, author events, high teas and adventurous expeditions. This helps cultivate engagement in our clubs and are up to the discretion of our hosts.
6How do I get involved?
Right now, we are slowly rolling out our premium membership (starting with our US chapters). All our 70 chapter sell event tickets to book club each month, but shortly you’ll be able to pay up front from the year and get a membership that comes with many more perks! Stay tuned. For now, please feel free to find your chapter and RSVP through our site or
7Want to review books for the Girly Book Club?
If you visit our blog you’ll see we do a lot of book reviews – if you want more info on becoming a book reviewer for us please get in touch
8Do we support charities?
We are very interested in charities and wish we could support many worthwhile charities across the world. In 2018 we will launch our own foundation that will support literacy for women and children. As a result, we will maintain our focus in this area and are unable to back other causes.
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