Why is there a charge?

The Girly Book Club began life as a tiny start-up company in London, England in 2008. Since then, step by step, we’ve worked incredibly hard to build up from our humble beginnings into a serious for-[small!]-profit company, which runs book clubs and connects women all over the world.

We want to continue sharing our success with many more women in many more cities. But like with any expanding and aspiring global enterprise, development and growth only come with investment. It is for this reason that we charge a small fee for attendance at our book clubs. While many book clubs don’t charge to attend, The Girly Book Club isn’t an ordinary book club – it offers our members so much more including a well-researched book list, fully planned events, great partnership perks from likeminded brands, global social networking and discussion questions; author events and social outings inclusion fabulous free movie premieres. And as our thousands of members from around the world have happily told us, it’s a small price to pay for the fantastic benefits in return.

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